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Found this clip from The Times on Style Wars – which sounds like a bag full of fun. The clip is slightly on the corporate side (skip the marketing manager lets have the House of Diehl organisers rather?!)

SA’s First Style Wars


Ah YouTube saviour of lazy bloggers everywhere – we salute you. This is a selection of clips from Cape Town Fashion Week. Most of these chaps i’ve mentioned already.

I did a review of Cape Town Fashion Week for Dazed Digital this week. Not entirely sure where I found the time for that… Although I didn’t quite find time to think up an original headline and just borrowed from my Stiaan Louw review which i thought was quite clever but apparently not everyone “gets”.

Love Water Love’s swimwear collection – just a reminder Cape Town is a resort destination not some gothic playground for restless spirits and unquiet souls.

Ah yes David again. You may recall I commented that his frocks were possessed by evil spirits hungry for your soul… or something along those lines. David Tlale was one of the few designers to get away with showing at more that one fashion week but this was apparently a different collection from Joburg Fashion Week. This isn’t exactly what you’d choose for your Matric dance or dinner at the ambassadors reception but it is fiercely dramatic in the way we’ve come to expect. Although hairy busts… that’s a bold move. International model Jourdan Dunn made her appearance as the finale to the week during his collection.

By the way all these pics from Cape Town Fashion Week are shot by Simon Deiner

Black Coffee made their debut at Cape Town Fashion Week (usually hanging out at Sanlam SA Fashion Week rather) I assume this isn’t their entire summer collection and was made specially for Virgin Mobile? Anyway it was a great collection of draped fabric, insectoid frocks and ribbons with a vaguely bondage vibe. Would have been great to see more…

The splendid Frock Report have beefed up their team to do a special on SA Fashion Week. On the site you’ll find video interviews with Jacques from Black Coffee, Abigail Betz and Kluk CGdT amongst others. Interesting to see how fashion blogs are really starting to take off in SA and getting more sophisticated with their content.

Saturday nights at Cape Town Fashion Week are usually the quietest (most of the media have hit their deadlines for the week and skip the finale show which in the past has been more consumer focused). So a nice change this year that some of the best work was shown on Saturday. Suzaan Heyns, of Joburg’s Abraham & Louisa presented an avant garde collection that felt like a nightmare fantasy mixing up fairy tales, S&M and uh the poney club.

India produces some great designers and I think the South African fashion industry could learn alot from how they’ve marketed their fusion of traditional influences and avant garde creativity. Slightly off topic once more but the work of Manish Arora is amazing – kind of the Clive Rundle of India.

No not another fashion week spat… Style Wars is a New York based event organised by House of Diehl and beloved by trend and fashion bloggers around the globe (similar events have popped up all over the place). Great to see that a brand (Tropika) has put some cash behind doing something fun and has forked out to bring the House of Diehl crew to Joburg. This was put together by Stimulii in Joburg who also persuaded Clover to bring out David La Chapelle – I don’t know what your slipping in your clients coffee but I want some. Style Wars Joburg will take place during Sanlam SA Fashion Week and the winner will get trips to New York and Paris plus R50,000 cash and a course in London (sjoe and to think Style Wars winners in New York just get a wet kiss from a trannie and bottle of bud). Work that tin foil and sticky tape beeyatchs!

This is Style Wars in action: