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From Love Jozi. Quite.



Having had a week to recover from our trip up to Joburg for a fashion pop-up store the next project we’re working on at Atmosphere is the ghd style lounge. The idea is this: the party season is coming (in fact some have started already…) and the style lounge is a temporary salon (i’m scared to use the pop-up word) where you’ll get your hair done, your nails did whilst quaffing champagne with your girlfriends. We’ve also added a self-shooting photo booth for when the makeover is done along the lines of the Newton Machine (that’s Helmut not Isaac). Spaces are very limited so we’ll pick people at random to attend via The site also contains a blog which over the next few weeks will be populated with advice on summer 09 hair trends and how to work them.

I don’t know you wait around for a pop-up store for ages and then three come along at once. In a slightly different spin on the whole thing Virgin Mobile have customised a shipping container and turned it into a temporary store (like a spaza store for hipsters). They’re keeping the whole thing pretty under the radar, which I assume is deliberate, so its become almost a bit like an urban legend. I mentioned it to a couple of people in Joburg and most of them had heard of it so it has generated word of mouth buzz amongst the fashion set at least.

(pic blatantly stolen from here)

I got an email from Love Jozi this morning who are selling a limited edition t-shirt at it. Worth going for that reason alone then (you can see where it is below).

For more on the pop-up store thing you can visit:

Robyn’s article on iafrica The Pop-up Store Concept

And for an international take visit Pop-Up Retail on

A word of warning I think this trend has a limited shelflife unless you’re going to do something different with it … Maybe something along the lines of Banksys Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill pop-up in New York for example (check the nuggets).

So i’m back from Joburg and the Baileys Trunk Show. An interesting experience that involved setting up and running from scratch a pop-up store in a gallery space tucked away in Craighall. Baileys is a client of Atmosphere (where I work) and the idea behind it was to create a brand building event but one that offered a genuinely interesting and different experience (rather than just handing out free drinks at some bar for example). I still think the pop-up store is pretty new to South Africa, and maybe its a bit difficult to get for some (this being a mall obsessed culture). But the designers took around R30,000 (from about 150 visitors) in total over the day so I think this shows its useful for designers (assuming they have a brand paying for the set-up and publicity that is). Here are some of the pics from the event:

This is Irvan from Carbon De Afreeque talking to the crew from African Couture. Certainly their bags were one of the most popular items at the event. The concept behind their company is that they make bags and other objects (lamps and furniture for example).

The blues bloggers (that’s me in the “shop local” t-shirt) and angie from ifashion (who actually is an editor not a blogger but it sounds good).

All of the designers had spaces made from vintage wardrobes and trunks. The whole thing was beautifully styled by Chrisna de Bruyn and her team to mix the contermporary design and gallery setting with vintage pieces inspired by the original era of trunk shows. If you want Chrisna’s details please email ( as she did an amazing job. The pic above is the space made for Maya Prass.

And this was the area used for Abigail Betz who has just moved from Parys to Joburg where she’s opening a boutique. I’m obssesed with the big gilt mirror next time i have R10,000 spare (2018 maybe) i’m so getting one.

This weekend I’ll be in Joburg for the Baileys Trunk Show (come and say hello). The event takes place for one day only and features a number of SA designers. It’s being held at Art Extra in Craighall Park and the event plays with a couple of ideas. The pop-up store trend is an obvious one but we called it a Trunk Show rather because we wanted to play with the theme of the original trunk shows (which were effectively pop up stores under a different name). The idea is designers would take their collection (in trunks) to cities away from their home base and sell their work to local clients. Each designer will have their own uniquely designed space at the gallery to sell their work from and there will be a social area around the Baileys bar.

Designers include:

Maya Prass
Mad About House (furniture)
Thula Sindi
Stiaan Louw
Mzansi Designers
Abigail Betz
Miss Scarlet
Carbon de Afreeque (bags/furniture)

If you want to come RSVP via the Facebook Group or send an email to


The Baileys Trunk Show is an event I’m currently helping to put together. The idea in a nut shell is a pop-up fashion store but to create an atmosphere more like a gallery or art installation. It will take place for one day only at Art Extra in Joburg next month (see below for how to attend spaces are limited so register early if you want to come along). I’ll be doing a few more posts on this as we get closer but for now i’ll also add that visually we’ll be exploring the theme of the original trunk shows (which the pop-up store trend is a modern version of). Join the Baileys Trunk Show facebook group for more info.

This is the press information:

Baileys, the world’s no 1 selling cream liqueur, has collaborated with some of South Africa’s most talented emerging fashion designers to create the Baileys Trunk Show, a temporary exhibition and retail space. The event provides an exclusive opportunity for the public to talk to designers about their work and purchase selected items from their newly launched 2009 summer collections. 

The first Baileys Trunk Show will take place on the 11th of October at the Art Extra gallery in Craighall Park where the designers work will be exhibited in a uniquely crafted pop-up store, a new trend in South Africa of highly stylized and temporary retail spaces. A Baileys bar will also provide a suitably stylish accompaniment. 

Designers taking part in the inaugural Baileys Trunk Show in Johannesburg include: Maya Prass, Fundudzi, Thula Sindi, Stiaan Louw, Mzansi Designers, and Abigail Betz. They will also be joined by innovative eco-fashion label, Carbon de Afreeque, which utilises recycled materials, such as advertising billboards made from PVC, to create high fashion products such as clutches, totes, laptop holders to wine coolers. They have also extended their offering to eco-furniture pieces from ottomans to a chaise longue all upholstered in PVC billboard material. 

All of the designers represent the best in internationally competitive South African fashion design with many of them showing work overseas. Most of the designers will be presenting work fresh from the catwalks of South Africa’s various fashion weeks (held in July and August) and this will be one of the first opportunities for the public to buy their new collections.

 Baileys National Brand Manager, Lauren Jones, says, “The Baileys Trunk Show is an innovative new way to connect with our style conscious consumers whilst at the same time championing independent South African fashion. The designers we have collaborated with to create the first event each have a uniquely creative approach to producing design excellence and were chosen to match the style originality and premium quality of the Baileys brand.”

 The Baileys Trunk Show is free to attend, however in order to retain an intimate environment space is strictly limited and those wishing to attend should register by sending an email to (in the event of over subscription those that responded first will be registered as a priority). Further information on the event and designers collections will be sent via email after registration.

These are a couple of the looks from Stoned Cherrie’s collection that I thought were interesting. Colourful, commercial, distinctively Stoned Cherrie and not a dark cloud on the horizon (unlike other summer collections). The label has opened a new store in Rosebank and launched an accessories range recently.

Found this clip from The Times on Style Wars – which sounds like a bag full of fun. The clip is slightly on the corporate side (skip the marketing manager lets have the House of Diehl organisers rather?!)

SA’s First Style Wars

Saturday nights at Cape Town Fashion Week are usually the quietest (most of the media have hit their deadlines for the week and skip the finale show which in the past has been more consumer focused). So a nice change this year that some of the best work was shown on Saturday. Suzaan Heyns, of Joburg’s Abraham & Louisa presented an avant garde collection that felt like a nightmare fantasy mixing up fairy tales, S&M and uh the poney club.

No not another fashion week spat… Style Wars is a New York based event organised by House of Diehl and beloved by trend and fashion bloggers around the globe (similar events have popped up all over the place). Great to see that a brand (Tropika) has put some cash behind doing something fun and has forked out to bring the House of Diehl crew to Joburg. This was put together by Stimulii in Joburg who also persuaded Clover to bring out David La Chapelle – I don’t know what your slipping in your clients coffee but I want some. Style Wars Joburg will take place during Sanlam SA Fashion Week and the winner will get trips to New York and Paris plus R50,000 cash and a course in London (sjoe and to think Style Wars winners in New York just get a wet kiss from a trannie and bottle of bud). Work that tin foil and sticky tape beeyatchs!

This is Style Wars in action: