No not another fashion week spat… Style Wars is a New York based event organised by House of Diehl and beloved by trend and fashion bloggers around the globe (similar events have popped up all over the place). Great to see that a brand (Tropika) has put some cash behind doing something fun and has forked out to bring the House of Diehl crew to Joburg. This was put together by Stimulii in Joburg who also persuaded Clover to bring out David La Chapelle – I don’t know what your slipping in your clients coffee but I want some. Style Wars Joburg will take place during Sanlam SA Fashion Week and the winner will get trips to New York and Paris plus R50,000 cash and a course in London (sjoe and to think Style Wars winners in New York just get a wet kiss from a trannie and bottle of bud). Work that tin foil and sticky tape beeyatchs!

This is Style Wars in action: