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Considering changing rooms are where purchase decisions are made its amazing how little thought is put into them by some retailers. It’s the one space in the store which is personal and private – where you’re at your most fragile potentially. And yet changing room design often feels like an afterthought. Harsh lighting, curtains that don’t quite shut properly and walls that feel like one push and they’ll fall over are sadly pretty standard.

These are some of the more interesting ones out there (i’ll be collecting some SA ones over the next week or two – be scared Edgars…)

Miss Sixty:

Fat Face (UK outdoor/sports shop):

Agent Provocateur:

10 Helsinki:

Dover Street Market:


Ah yes Jeremy Scott, I haven’t mentioned it yet but one of my favourite designers. In fact that donut pic I use on Facebook is from one of his collections. Based in LA (but showing at Paris Fashion Week) Jeremy is known for his trashy (sometimes literally) sense of humour and is adored by hipster superstars everywhere. His latest collection fused Marie Antoinette and Madonna circa Like A Virgin. Genius.

But was a bit lost amongst the general hype of Paris (maybe another city would work better?). Closer to my heart personally though is his work for Adidas.

Pics via Nylon

South Africa seems to be setting some trends over in Delhi as they’ve followed our lead and launched two competing fashion weeks in direct competition over the same days. That’s Delhi Fashion Week and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. At least here we wait for one to finish before the next one starts. Then of course there is Lakme Fashion Week taking place just as they end in Mumbai. Eish. At least we’re setting some catwalk trends somewhere…

The couple of articles I read on it sound oh so familar for example Hurt Couture (India Express)

Atmosphere (my day job) is currently looking for an intern to work on accounts like ghd, Triumph Lingerie, Baileys, KWV, Bushmills Whiskey amongst others (think fashion and drinks). You don’t need a PR degree necessarily (hec I don’t have one) but you will need a media/marketing degree of some kind and an interest in PR. Atmosphere is primarily a PR company but our approach to consumer campaigns is to look at where we can creative platforms for brands (hence the ghd style lounge or The Baileys Trunk Show covered on this blog). You’ll need to be web savvy as alot of our work is online and will certainly involve using social networks, blogs, online video and other web campaigns. An interest in fashion, spotting new trends, youth cultureĀ  and general over achieving will definitely help.

If you’re based in Cape Town (or want to be) and interested please drop me an email with a CV:

If your a South African blogger please take part in SA’s first blog survey. This is long overdue and it would be great if as many local bloggers take part as possible.

Blog survey

The high fashion on the high street trend continues with the launch of Comme Des Garcons collection for H&M – no doubt creating another fashionista feeding frenzy. Forget collections with pop princesses this is where it’s at. And bonus points too for taking it into menswear and the over size polka dots. I suspect some of the SA retailers (other than woolies who I have to say i’ve got growing admiration for) see this designer collaboration as a fad or PR exercise. Wrong – It’s the future.

Also from The Tee Party blog:

My first contribution from Sheffield courtesy of mischievous design imps at Ded. Perfect for recreating a hipster version of the “i’m spartacus” scene from Spartacus in your nearest style bar.

I’ve just updated The Tee Party blog with a couple of new pics.

The original Boudicca was a fierce British queen who liked getting rough with Italians (Romans in those days). An apt name for a modern day fashion label then… The more fashionable parts of the blogosphere are all a buzz over their latest launch a fragrance based on the concept of invisible ink called Wode. That is when you spray it on its bright blue but the colour quickly disappears. Wode (as any British school kid should be able to tell you) is the blue war paint warn by the British queen and her hairy entourage of ruffians when they rode off to war. There is a certain kind of (hipster) person that will rush out and buy this for their girlfriend just for the sheer giggle of it. What a mess. I love it.

Via the JC Report

Having had a week to recover from our trip up to Joburg for a fashion pop-up store the next project we’re working on at Atmosphere is the ghd style lounge. The idea is this: the party season is coming (in fact some have started already…) and the style lounge is a temporary salon (i’m scared to use the pop-up word) where you’ll get your hair done, your nails did whilst quaffing champagne with your girlfriends. We’ve also added a self-shooting photo booth for when the makeover is done along the lines of the Newton Machine (that’s Helmut not Isaac). Spaces are very limited so we’ll pick people at random to attend via The site also contains a blog which over the next few weeks will be populated with advice on summer 09 hair trends and how to work them.