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logo_green_1As spotted over on marketing blog This has to my favourite piece of marketing from a fashion brand for the year. We’ve featured Love Jozi a couple of times – big fans.  The brand recently launched a spin-off label called Luv Jozi made to look like a cheap Chinese rip-off of the original – supported with a great photo shoot and website. It seems like a lot of Love Jozi fans were take in and even leapt to the brands defence. This is the first I’ve heard of a brand faking itself. Genius.

They must have been giggling into their cornflakes for weeks.


As spotted over on PSFK. These rock. It’s a simple idea Head Hoods print someone elses head on your hoodie. Could be Marilyn, a Gorilla, Barack Obama or Elvis. Someone import them please?



From Love Jozi. Quite.


Considering changing rooms are where purchase decisions are made its amazing how little thought is put into them by some retailers. It’s the one space in the store which is personal and private – where you’re at your most fragile potentially. And yet changing room design often feels like an afterthought. Harsh lighting, curtains that don’t quite shut properly and walls that feel like one push and they’ll fall over are sadly pretty standard.

These are some of the more interesting ones out there (i’ll be collecting some SA ones over the next week or two – be scared Edgars…)

Miss Sixty:

Fat Face (UK outdoor/sports shop):

Agent Provocateur:

10 Helsinki:

Dover Street Market:

The high fashion on the high street trend continues with the launch of Comme Des Garcons collection for H&M – no doubt creating another fashionista feeding frenzy. Forget collections with pop princesses this is where it’s at. And bonus points too for taking it into menswear and the over size polka dots. I suspect some of the SA retailers (other than woolies who I have to say i’ve got growing admiration for) see this designer collaboration as a fad or PR exercise. Wrong – It’s the future.

The original Boudicca was a fierce British queen who liked getting rough with Italians (Romans in those days). An apt name for a modern day fashion label then… The more fashionable parts of the blogosphere are all a buzz over their latest launch a fragrance based on the concept of invisible ink called Wode. That is when you spray it on its bright blue but the colour quickly disappears. Wode (as any British school kid should be able to tell you) is the blue war paint warn by the British queen and her hairy entourage of ruffians when they rode off to war. There is a certain kind of (hipster) person that will rush out and buy this for their girlfriend just for the sheer giggle of it. What a mess. I love it.

Via the JC Report

Having had a week to recover from our trip up to Joburg for a fashion pop-up store the next project we’re working on at Atmosphere is the ghd style lounge. The idea is this: the party season is coming (in fact some have started already…) and the style lounge is a temporary salon (i’m scared to use the pop-up word) where you’ll get your hair done, your nails did whilst quaffing champagne with your girlfriends. We’ve also added a self-shooting photo booth for when the makeover is done along the lines of the Newton Machine (that’s Helmut not Isaac). Spaces are very limited so we’ll pick people at random to attend via The site also contains a blog which over the next few weeks will be populated with advice on summer 09 hair trends and how to work them.

Jeff Kimathi sent me a contribution for The Tee Party blog but as he runs a label championing Africa in New York, Jamhuri Wear, I thought he deserved a post here. I love the I Africa New York T-shirt doesn’t someone want to import this to South Africa for him as NY is a bitch of a flight just for a top? It’s the new Ama Kip Kip.

He’s originally from Kenya but moved to New York about 8 years ago. JZ and Akon have been spotted wearing his work so no wonder he looks happy.

Check out his profile Kenyan Immigrant Produces Popular Fashion With A Message (on NY Daily News)

Ok I take it back (I said Love Jozi t-shirts weren’t that hot) Love Jozi T-shirts are great and I really love how their photography looks like they just asked their mates to come down to wear their stuff in a bar. Next time I do a photography brief i’m just going to write “it must look like its been pinched from Flickr” (this is a good thing just in case you’re struggling to decipher my constant irony). Particularly like the Allnight t-shirt from range 5

Love Jozi

By the way you can buy them here:



Black Coffee
Bamboo Centre Melville. Tel: +27 11 482 9148

Fab Lab at Fashion Depot
Upper level Nelson Mandela Square Sandton. Tel: +27 11 883 8981

44 Stanley Ave Milpark. Tel: +27 72 384 9969

The Zone Rosebank. Tel: +27 11 447 7004

Campus Square Auckland Park. Tel: +27 11 482 7545

The Space
The Zone Rosebank. Tel: +27 11 327 3640

173 Machaba Drive Mtetwa Centre Mofolo Village Soweto. Tel +27 11 912 1182

155 Smit Street Cnr De Beer & Smit Braamfontein. Tel +27 11 339 5240


eSquared Fashion
11 Regent Road Sea Point. Tel: +27 21 433 2895


Stricker and Strauss
11 Bridge Street Leatherhead KT228BL Surrey. Tel: +44 786 411 7930


202-210 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC. Tel +63 3 8415 1666

Now it’s quite common for those new to South Africa to get a bit confused about what to wear (been there…) but most people at least read the first couple of pages of some guide book before visiting (let alone opening a store here). One of the first things the guide books tell you is if you’re coming from the northern hemisphere you need to keep in mind that the seasons are in reverse. So to spell it out, your autumn is our spring. So Burberry, dear Burberry, what happened? This offending ad above was in the September issue of Elle: note the leaves on the ground the slight fashion shiver, the rather nifty coats. This is a symptom of something the fashion industry just can’t get their heads round: how to deal with the southern hemisphere. I mean we’re online, we read the blogs, we’re not going to be fobbed off with being a season behind (even those photos of Agness Deyn and friends were real pretty) and uh we’re going to laugh at you if you give us winter adverts like the above when we’re dusting of the flip flops and planning the first braai of spring.