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You may have noticed we’ve been somewhat quiet of late (Well i was off getting married I think that excuses me). I’m planning some changes to how the site runs so will off air till the new year on SASS. In the meanwhile you can visit my new marketing/trends blog: or catch me on Twitter. Will be covering fashion trends and marketing stores on this site as well as broadening my beat a bit.



Homegrown street brand Butan Wear launched their summer collection back in October – as you can tell i’m slowly catching up. Their collection of graphic tees, hoodies and accessories will  appeal to the Hip Hop kids (young and old). Check out the collection in full at

I’m loving the photos from the ghd photo booth at the Durban and Joburg style lounges. Based roughly on the Helmut Newton’s Newton Machine its a way of shooting self portraits. You just look into the mirror – pose and click the remote control. The last stop for the ghd style lounge is Cape Town next Friday but if you want to apply do it by tomorrow here. Respect to Simon Deiner and Chrisna De Bruyn for setting it up.





So i’m back after a month off getting married and on honeymoon in Buenos Aires. I took Robyn’s advice and bought a suit from woolies for the big day and had it altered at a tiny local tailors in Sea Point (R120). Looked much better than if i’d spent five times the amount on something that didn’t fit properly. I can’t believe i reached 33 without realising that earlier. Half of my wardrobe is in the queue now.

I’d half planned to wander the hip streets of BA sucking up enough info to write some cool posts on the local trends… I have to admit after the crazyness of getting married I spent more time sucking up tapas and Quilmes. Enough to say if you like shoes and little cutesy bags (and big steaks) its great.

The blog will be taking a brief rest for the next few weeks as i’ll be out of the country (on honeymoon). Back in first week of December.

If you want to know when the site starts up again please join the Facebook group. If you’re in need of somewhere else to go visit and enter the competition to win a place at South Africa’s first pop-up hair salon.

Take care out there!


Atmosphere (my day job) is currently looking for an intern to work on accounts like ghd, Triumph Lingerie, Baileys, KWV, Bushmills Whiskey amongst others (think fashion and drinks). You don’t need a PR degree necessarily (hec I don’t have one) but you will need a media/marketing degree of some kind and an interest in PR. Atmosphere is primarily a PR company but our approach to consumer campaigns is to look at where we can creative platforms for brands (hence the ghd style lounge or The Baileys Trunk Show covered on this blog). You’ll need to be web savvy as alot of our work is online and will certainly involve using social networks, blogs, online video and other web campaigns. An interest in fashion, spotting new trends, youth culture  and general over achieving will definitely help.

If you’re based in Cape Town (or want to be) and interested please drop me an email with a CV:

Also from The Tee Party blog:

My first contribution from Sheffield courtesy of mischievous design imps at Ded. Perfect for recreating a hipster version of the “i’m spartacus” scene from Spartacus in your nearest style bar.

I’ve just updated The Tee Party blog with a couple of new pics.

I recently suggested we make some branded canvas  tote bags for an event – and received filthy looks down the phone (weird how you can hear these) from the poor agency client wrangler. Entirely deserved as it was half way through the campaign’s development, but I still feel a bit guilty that we chopped down half a rain forest to make some paper bags but even worse for missing the fricking trend. The trend being that re-usable canvas tote bags are the new t-shirt (according to The Guardian). It’s not good enough to have a plain woolies bag – it has to have some kind of personality defining slogan on it (from an organic farm, eco-fashion exhibit, folk festival…). Despite having a number of great eco-bag companies in South Africa (Give-It-Bag and Carbon d’afreeque for example) we’re a bit behind (for now) on this trend.

It would be great if we’d truly experienced an eco-epiphany, but the success of the reusable bag is as much about style as saving the planet. Like T-shirts and badges, the square-shaped shopper is the perfect blank canvas for slogans, logos and patterns. Consumers who couldn’t give a toss about the planet love its fashion statement just as much as the green contingent loves its ethical credentials.

At last month’s Fashion Week the designer shopper replaced the paper goodie bag at shows from Mulberry to Marc Jacobs. Fashion East, a London showcase for young designers, asked new talent David David to create theirs. ‘The shopper is a billboard and a status symbol,’ he says. ‘It’s perfect merchandise.’

It’s certainly the first bag taken up by pensioners and hipsters alike, and the green movement hopes there’s life in it yet. Eco entrepreneur Kresse Wesling created Sainsbury’s new reusable bag from used jute coffee bean sacks. (The Guardian)

Also check out Susie Bubbles Tote collection:

Hipsters are more than just latte drinking, messenger bag wearing, electro listening, tapas munching wastrels, they are retailers ticket out of the slump according to Forbes (The New Counter Culture’s Buying Power). The magazine bases this on the results of companies such as Urban Outfitters, Mini and Marc Jacobs which are turning over healthy profits despite the economic gloom.

I hadn’t quite viewed hipsters as a demographic or movement of their own, but thinking about it they really are the noughties equivalent of punks, hippies and beatniks. The only difference is instead of strumming guitars naked in fields, gobbing at each other, or writing crazy street poetry, hipsters are hunting down a new pair of Brazilian trainers or Bathing Ape t-shirt in some boutique some where.

Hipsters are actually closers to yuppies than maybe any of the other movements i just mentioned. Instead of power suits and filofaxes they’re toting R3000 jeans and iphones. In other words my generation takes the whole counter culture thing very literally (i.e. culture is something you buy over a counter): it’s a movement largely based on consumption and talking about consumption (design, fashion, music, technology etc).

Another observation about hipsters is that no one will ever actually admit to being a hipster. In fact they we will talk in a slightly sneering way about “the hipsters” despite the fact they’re we’re at  a design exhibition, wearing imported trainers and clutching a copy of One Small Seed under their our arm. Let’s all come out of the closet now and just admit it: “I’m here, i’m hip, get used to it!”

Ok so here is a quick test just in case you’re still in denial. A yes to more than two questions and you’re a hipster (embrace it):

1: Do you buy your coffee from Vida? (despite the fact there is a cheaper coffee store within several metres)?

2: Have you recently read Chew, One Small Seed or Dossier magazine?

3: Do you prefere a trip to the Neighbourhood Goods Market to Checkers?

4: Have you bought something from A Store in Cape Town?

5: Do you have any of the following in your CD collection: M.I.A, LCD Sound System, Santogold, Vampire Weekend, The Knife, Hot Chip, Dubstep, or anything electronic from Berlin or Brazil?

6: Do you own a David LaChappelle photography book?

7: Do you own a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses?

8: Are you Facebook friends or a group member of What If The World or Doktor & Misses?

9: Do you read regularly a trendspotting blog of any kind? (i’m tempted to say just by reading this blog the chances are you’re a hipster)

10: Have you paid more than R250 for a t shirt?