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img_0029I have a bit of a t-shirt obsession so this is right up my street. And this is an interesting piece of marketing that again uses an art gallery context for showing off fashion/design this time by local designers creating limited edition t-shirts for aking (Cape based rock band).The t-shirts were displayed at the Kunst House recently and will be on show at Vide coffee shops for a month before being sold in Levis stores (as usual both of these brands are ahead of the curve when it comes to cool marketing).

Many thanks to Waldo of the Be Kind Collective for sending me the pics (his is the one with the crow).





Having had a week to recover from our trip up to Joburg for a fashion pop-up store the next project we’re working on at Atmosphere is the ghd style lounge. The idea is this: the party season is coming (in fact some have started already…) and the style lounge is a temporary salon (i’m scared to use the pop-up word) where you’ll get your hair done, your nails did whilst quaffing champagne with your girlfriends. We’ve also added a self-shooting photo booth for when the makeover is done along the lines of the Newton Machine (that’s Helmut not Isaac). Spaces are very limited so we’ll pick people at random to attend via The site also contains a blog which over the next few weeks will be populated with advice on summer 09 hair trends and how to work them.

I went to the SA Fashion Week regional collection last night. I’m afraid it was just too chilly and too late in the year to have much of an atmosphere. It’s great that sa fashion week sends their collections out to the “regions” but I guess fashion is one of those things you have to do 100% or not at all. Despite some great work (Stoned Cherrie, Black Coffee, Abigail Betz) it was too much a watered down version of the main event – and we haven’t exactly been short on fashion events this year. Something has to be said about inflicting lingerie on the poor models as well – they just weren’t built for it and they were pretty much showing outdoors on a freezing night. So that’s it for SA for another year… it’s been a long journey. I guess it’s time for the winter fashion weeks now? 

(the photo is from SA fashion Week in Joburg)

Ah YouTube saviour of lazy bloggers everywhere – we salute you. This is a selection of clips from Cape Town Fashion Week. Most of these chaps i’ve mentioned already.

I did a review of Cape Town Fashion Week for Dazed Digital this week. Not entirely sure where I found the time for that… Although I didn’t quite find time to think up an original headline and just borrowed from my Stiaan Louw review which i thought was quite clever but apparently not everyone “gets”.

Ah yes David again. You may recall I commented that his frocks were possessed by evil spirits hungry for your soul… or something along those lines. David Tlale was one of the few designers to get away with showing at more that one fashion week but this was apparently a different collection from Joburg Fashion Week. This isn’t exactly what you’d choose for your Matric dance or dinner at the ambassadors reception but it is fiercely dramatic in the way we’ve come to expect. Although hairy busts… that’s a bold move. International model Jourdan Dunn made her appearance as the finale to the week during his collection.

By the way all these pics from Cape Town Fashion Week are shot by Simon Deiner

Black Coffee made their debut at Cape Town Fashion Week (usually hanging out at Sanlam SA Fashion Week rather) I assume this isn’t their entire summer collection and was made specially for Virgin Mobile? Anyway it was a great collection of draped fabric, insectoid frocks and ribbons with a vaguely bondage vibe. Would have been great to see more…

Saturday nights at Cape Town Fashion Week are usually the quietest (most of the media have hit their deadlines for the week and skip the finale show which in the past has been more consumer focused). So a nice change this year that some of the best work was shown on Saturday. Suzaan Heyns, of Joburg’s Abraham & Louisa presented an avant garde collection that felt like a nightmare fantasy mixing up fairy tales, S&M and uh the poney club.

Another one of my favourite collections from Cape Town Fashion Week, as always, was Maya Prass. Very recognisable as her work with thoughtful approach to colour, loose fabrics and floral graphic prints. Loved the balkan music and style which included accessories by Missibaba.

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Stiaan Louw presented one of the most talked about collections of Cape Town Fashion Week on Thursday night. Not a hint of Capetonian resort wear in this starkly monochrome post-apocalyptic collection. Alot of thought had obviously gone into making the collection work as a single entity with the looks evolving subtly. Tribalism was the key theme running through the collection with the models (selected from Cape Town’s creative community) looking like a sharper dressed version of some Mad Max gang. Although personally i’m a bit worried about all the ubiquitous skinny legged trousers (being tall and thin really would really help) they were spot on with Cape Town’s cooler club kids that had invaded the CTICC for the show. Whether intentionally or not I think the collection is tapping into a reaction to the new rave riot of colour that pervaded global youth culture last year: with dayglo optimism being morphed into something more brooding and dark. Although a million miles away in terms of audience and looks there was in a way a parallel with the darker atmosphere of some of the Joburg designers (Suzaan Heyns , Black Coffee and weirdly even David Tlale). Stiaan offers a real alternative voice to alot of the same old Cape Town styles and this collection was an interesting progression for his new menswear focus. It should be mentioned that he had a number of collaborators on this collection notably Chloe Townsend, the designer from Missibaba, who provide accessories for more visit his blog at