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You may have noticed we’ve been somewhat quiet of late (Well i was off getting married I think that excuses me). I’m planning some changes to how the site runs so will off air till the new year on SASS. In the meanwhile you can visit my new marketing/trends blog: or catch me on Twitter. Will be covering fashion trends and marketing stores on this site as well as broadening my beat a bit.


logo_green_1As spotted over on marketing blog This has to my favourite piece of marketing from a fashion brand for the year. We’ve featured Love Jozi a couple of times – big fans.  The brand recently launched a spin-off label called Luv Jozi made to look like a cheap Chinese rip-off of the original – supported with a great photo shoot and website. It seems like a lot of Love Jozi fans were take in and even leapt to the brands defence. This is the first I’ve heard of a brand faking itself. Genius.

They must have been giggling into their cornflakes for weeks.


Homegrown street brand Butan Wear launched their summer collection back in October – as you can tell i’m slowly catching up. Their collection of graphic tees, hoodies and accessories will  appeal to the Hip Hop kids (young and old). Check out the collection in full at

I’m loving the photos from the ghd photo booth at the Durban and Joburg style lounges. Based roughly on the Helmut Newton’s Newton Machine its a way of shooting self portraits. You just look into the mirror – pose and click the remote control. The last stop for the ghd style lounge is Cape Town next Friday but if you want to apply do it by tomorrow here. Respect to Simon Deiner and Chrisna De Bruyn for setting it up.





So i’m back after a month off getting married and on honeymoon in Buenos Aires. I took Robyn’s advice and bought a suit from woolies for the big day and had it altered at a tiny local tailors in Sea Point (R120). Looked much better than if i’d spent five times the amount on something that didn’t fit properly. I can’t believe i reached 33 without realising that earlier. Half of my wardrobe is in the queue now.

I’d half planned to wander the hip streets of BA sucking up enough info to write some cool posts on the local trends… I have to admit after the crazyness of getting married I spent more time sucking up tapas and Quilmes. Enough to say if you like shoes and little cutesy bags (and big steaks) its great.