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This weekend I’ll be in Joburg for the Baileys Trunk Show (come and say hello). The event takes place for one day only and features a number of SA designers. It’s being held at Art Extra in Craighall Park and the event plays with a couple of ideas. The pop-up store trend is an obvious one but we called it a Trunk Show rather because we wanted to play with the theme of the original trunk shows (which were effectively pop up stores under a different name). The idea is designers would take their collection (in trunks) to cities away from their home base and sell their work to local clients. Each designer will have their own uniquely designed space at the gallery to sell their work from and there will be a social area around the Baileys bar.

Designers include:

Maya Prass
Mad About House (furniture)
Thula Sindi
Stiaan Louw
Mzansi Designers
Abigail Betz
Miss Scarlet
Carbon de Afreeque (bags/furniture)

If you want to come RSVP via the Facebook Group or send an email to



The Baileys Trunk Show is an event I’m currently helping to put together. The idea in a nut shell is a pop-up fashion store but to create an atmosphere more like a gallery or art installation. It will take place for one day only at Art Extra in Joburg next month (see below for how to attend spaces are limited so register early if you want to come along). I’ll be doing a few more posts on this as we get closer but for now i’ll also add that visually we’ll be exploring the theme of the original trunk shows (which the pop-up store trend is a modern version of). Join the Baileys Trunk Show facebook group for more info.

This is the press information:

Baileys, the world’s no 1 selling cream liqueur, has collaborated with some of South Africa’s most talented emerging fashion designers to create the Baileys Trunk Show, a temporary exhibition and retail space. The event provides an exclusive opportunity for the public to talk to designers about their work and purchase selected items from their newly launched 2009 summer collections. 

The first Baileys Trunk Show will take place on the 11th of October at the Art Extra gallery in Craighall Park where the designers work will be exhibited in a uniquely crafted pop-up store, a new trend in South Africa of highly stylized and temporary retail spaces. A Baileys bar will also provide a suitably stylish accompaniment. 

Designers taking part in the inaugural Baileys Trunk Show in Johannesburg include: Maya Prass, Fundudzi, Thula Sindi, Stiaan Louw, Mzansi Designers, and Abigail Betz. They will also be joined by innovative eco-fashion label, Carbon de Afreeque, which utilises recycled materials, such as advertising billboards made from PVC, to create high fashion products such as clutches, totes, laptop holders to wine coolers. They have also extended their offering to eco-furniture pieces from ottomans to a chaise longue all upholstered in PVC billboard material. 

All of the designers represent the best in internationally competitive South African fashion design with many of them showing work overseas. Most of the designers will be presenting work fresh from the catwalks of South Africa’s various fashion weeks (held in July and August) and this will be one of the first opportunities for the public to buy their new collections.

 Baileys National Brand Manager, Lauren Jones, says, “The Baileys Trunk Show is an innovative new way to connect with our style conscious consumers whilst at the same time championing independent South African fashion. The designers we have collaborated with to create the first event each have a uniquely creative approach to producing design excellence and were chosen to match the style originality and premium quality of the Baileys brand.”

 The Baileys Trunk Show is free to attend, however in order to retain an intimate environment space is strictly limited and those wishing to attend should register by sending an email to (in the event of over subscription those that responded first will be registered as a priority). Further information on the event and designers collections will be sent via email after registration.

Ah YouTube saviour of lazy bloggers everywhere – we salute you. This is a selection of clips from Cape Town Fashion Week. Most of these chaps i’ve mentioned already.

I’ve mentioned Stiaan Louw on the blog a couple of times now and i’m looking forward to his Summer collection – particularly after his shift into menswear. Stiaan has just launched his own blog which he’s using to tease us with snippets about his collection for Virgin Mobile Cape Town Fashion Week. His summer collection Facebook page also gives us this preview of the collection:


Stiaan Louw Menswear presents a collective ‘tribal’ experience for its Summer 2009 Collection.

Inspired by ‘tribes’ – how people choose to define themselves through their association with specific social, sexual and cultural subcultures – the collection will turn its attention to ‘the individual’. This will be coupled with their relation to inherent cultural heritage placed within the context of an interconnected global village (connected by social networks like facebook, myspace, youtube and online blogs).

Summer 2009 will see collaborations with strong individuals who have defined themselves through these means. Whether discovered online, in clubs or on the street, these personalities are a vital source of inspiration. Their presence can be felt in all aspect of the collection, from print design and construction in individual garments, to a ‘mixtape’ soundtrack, epitomizing the somewhat haphazard cultural referencing underlying the design process.

In many ways, the collection will be a study of the individual and their collective experiences, merging traditional ‘tribal’ references with bondage and fetishist sexual subculture – trends emerging from ‘tribes’in street and club culture and more sophisticated ‘ideals’. Overgrown shapes will play on reflective surfaces and a dayglo aesthetic coupled with contrasting matte and high-gloss finishes will juxtapose the body ideal.

(The photo is from his winter 08 collection)

As I mentioned the SA Fashion Week line-up the other day it’s only fair to mention Virgin Mobile Cape Town Fashion Weeks. The first day seems to be entirely new designers and some names from the old school frock design crowd are absent (and not to knock them at all but some just didn’t belong at a fashion week). So should be interesting. Also absent are the Joburg designers (the idea is to make it a local designer event I assume), a shame really as I can’t make Joburg Fashion Week and also showing at Cape Town is a good way to extend reach out of Gauteng for them. Not sure if the limit on local designers is going to work in the longrun but looking forward to it and it will be interesting to see what Virgin Mobile bring to the whole thing.

The line-up:

Wednesday 13th August
18h00 Lalesso
19h15 Freshwear / Goat Clothing
20h30 Sway / Doreen Southwood
21h30 Tart / Malikah Hajee & Shukrie Joel

Thursday 14 August
18h00 Rosenwerth
19h15 Gavin Rajah
20h30 Hip Hop
21h30 Stiaan Louw

Friday 15 August
18h00 Rocketfuel / Trigger
19h15 Craig Port
20h30 Darkie
21h30 Fabiani

Saturday 16 August

18h00 Love Water Love
20h00 Maya Prass
21h30 Virgin Mobile Finale Show

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I popped into view Stiaan Louw’s winter collection yesterday at his studio in Woodstock (that’s shared with Maya Prass). The collection is selling like hot cakes and in fact I was already to late to get my hands on any of the trousers but did get myself a splendid hoodie. A couple of interesting things came out of my brief chat with Stiaan. Firstly it looks like he is shifting his focus onto menswear (although it should be noted many of the items could be unisex easily) after being known mainly as a womenswear designer. This is great news for the guys as edgy local mens fashion is hard to come by in Cape Town – particularly if you’re more metrosexual than ubersexual.

The success of the collection (which has pretty much sold out a couple of days into his studio sale) really shows that he’s hit a gap in the market and that Cape Town men are willing to try something a bit bolder. The personal touch of the studio sale is also a great way to try out a new direction as Stiaan gets direct feedback and can watch the decision making process of his consumers.

The other interesting thing that stood out is the power social networking has for local designers as much of the sales have come from members of Stiaan’s winter collection Facebook group. It makes complete sense when you think about it – most designers are catering for distinct niche audiences and Facebook is great for letting these people find you and engaging with them in a very direct and visual way. Stiaan’s not the only designer to figure this out and I’d hazard to guess that more local designers have Facebook sites than actual web pages (web pages are sooo nineties any how). I should point out that when looking for new material for the blog Facebookis one my main sources of information and visuals…

Can’t wait for the summer collection!

Stiaan Louw Winter Collection t-shirt

You can get your hands on Stiaan’s winter menswear collection at the end of the month. Get yourself an invite from Facebook. We were merely a twinkle in the blogosphere’s eye back when he launched his debut menswear collection back at Design Indaba but it gets the thumbs up for its glammy goth styles (pics from the winter collection above availavle from the designer directly). Kind of reminds me of the vibe Kylie and band were rocking in her 2 hearts video (sort of). That’s only a good thing.

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