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Another one of my favourite collections from Cape Town Fashion Week, as always, was Maya Prass. Very recognisable as her work with thoughtful approach to colour, loose fabrics and floral graphic prints. Loved the balkan music and style which included accessories by Missibaba.

See also Feel The Love in the Mail & Guardian


Ok so Joburg Fashion Week was eons ago but I found these on YouTube:

Now this was bloody clever. Turns out the Can You Twist? project is actually a giant teaser for the launch of Twist at Woolworths. A really innovative and bold marketing idea – i’m amazed they signed it off frankly (no offence). Word on the street is Jon Cherry of Cherryflava was the mastermind behind this. For those of you that haven’t been following Can You Twist it was a series of online short stories emailed out daily with an element of Friday’s final installment played out in real life somewhere in South Africa (go check the site out). Nice work.

This is from the website:

The Intern’s fantasy secret project comes to life across South Africa on Wednesday 20 August in the final story’s ‘twist in the tale’. Shoppers at this pilot project store were delighted and surprised by the new label, which was freshly flown in from its creative birth place of New York City and the final reveal of the debut ‘Can You Twist’ online reality show.

Trends are dead long live micro trends: The Death of Trends on the JC Report.

designers and consumers are both drawing from different influences, rejecting the head-to-toe “looks” presented by advertiser-driven print publications. It’s no surprise, then, that this widespread exposure has led to a barrage of micro-trends.

Sneak peak at the (micro) trends for London Fashion Week over on Dazed Digital

“I made a visual mixtape with all my top hits like pop art, showgirls and all my favorite movies.”

And you can go look at for Pics of Cape Town Fashion Week (more added over next few days no doubt)

Stiaan Louw presented one of the most talked about collections of Cape Town Fashion Week on Thursday night. Not a hint of Capetonian resort wear in this starkly monochrome post-apocalyptic collection. Alot of thought had obviously gone into making the collection work as a single entity with the looks evolving subtly. Tribalism was the key theme running through the collection with the models (selected from Cape Town’s creative community) looking like a sharper dressed version of some Mad Max gang. Although personally i’m a bit worried about all the ubiquitous skinny legged trousers (being tall and thin really would really help) they were spot on with Cape Town’s cooler club kids that had invaded the CTICC for the show. Whether intentionally or not I think the collection is tapping into a reaction to the new rave riot of colour that pervaded global youth culture last year: with dayglo optimism being morphed into something more brooding and dark. Although a million miles away in terms of audience and looks there was in a way a parallel with the darker atmosphere of some of the Joburg designers (Suzaan Heyns , Black Coffee and weirdly even David Tlale). Stiaan offers a real alternative voice to alot of the same old Cape Town styles and this collection was an interesting progression for his new menswear focus. It should be mentioned that he had a number of collaborators on this collection notably Chloe Townsend, the designer from Missibaba, who provide accessories for more visit his blog at

I don’t know how much thought goes into the choice of opening designer but Lalesso’s resort wear for me was the perfect choice of the “new” Cape Town Fashion Week. This is probably closer to what overseas audiences would expect from Cape Town design (many see the city as the Miami or Rio of Africa): laidback beach wear with a subtle African feel (from the use of Kenyan fabrics). Surprisingly there just aren’t that many labels like this in Cape Town – maybe the freezing shark infested waters and gale force summer winds put the local designers off the whole beach fashion vibe? What I liked about Lalesso, and some of the other designers on day 1, is there is a very strong sense that they know their audience: in this case well scrubbed heiresses with boyfriends called Charles, Sebastian or Pablo and plenty of trust fund rands. My next door neighbour at their show, the very knowledgeable Emma Jordan, mentioned that they have a concession in Top Shop, which is great work and I can see this going down with London’s Chelsea/Fulham girls (for their Bermuda jaunts with daddy and step mama).

As expected there have been some big changes at Cape Town Fashion Week this year. This is Deon Redman’s first outing as Creative Director of the event and his influence is very clearly seen in the “it’s all about the clothes” approach. Virgin Mobile have done a nice job of the branding. I think some brands don’t quite get how to do fashion sponsorships and plaster product messages everywhere, Virgin Mobile don’t fall into this trap and have produced some great imagery (featuring Black Coffee) that fits the event nicely.

The press room as well as looking much more stylish than the past also has 3 booths for designers that have just shown collections to let the media and buyers have a much closer look at the work (and chat). This is splendidly useful and I hope more designers make the most of this. As there had been no shows to start with the booths were occupied by some of the designers from previous events. I had a brief chat to the very friendly Emma from Pink Ant whose label was one of the highlights for many from Joburg Fashion Week – the gist of it was that the success of their collection in Joburg had really raised the profile of the label and now they have to concentrate on making enough of it…

Another thing worth mentioning is that most of the designers had taken the time to do provide proper information for buyers and media on the collections with a look by look guide to their collections provided – please keep this up everyone its the right thing to do.

The atmosphere was a bit mellower than usual, but in a good less frenzied way. Starting the event with young Ready To Wear designers made the day a bit more low key than when Cape Town Fashion Week was dominated by party frock designers. The designers were pretty representative of the type of clothes Capetonians actually buy in Cape Town every day although maybe not everything was right for a fashion week. Lalesso and Doreen Southwood (pics below) probably produced the stand out collections. I also like Sway (pics above) although the work was pretty similar to the graphic approach of Maya Prass so I kind of felt i’d seen thisĀ  before.

Rather like Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves I was raised by Dazed & Confused and ID magazine (the first two later went on to found Rome and I uh can’t even get my pool to not look like a swamp… frickin young achievers…) Any how I really should have put Dazed Digital them in my links ages ago. They’ve just had a make over and I do advise you have a quick browse.

Why look there is even a story on the recent Joburg Fashion Week.

There is a few slight issues in the revamp though. In my biog (I write for them occasionally) I see i’m actually “an independent french born graphic designer based in London.” sadly non. I’m planning to do a review of Cape Town Fashion Week for them if all goes well this week.

While you’re at Dazed Digital also check out Gareth Pugh 2.0 and Fashion V Sport.

I popped into Portfolio this morning to talk to Hidaayah (the owner) about some of the young designers she’s bringing along to the Baileys Fashion Weekend. One of the designers participating is Cape based Lara Klawikowski who makes the eye catching futurist bags in the photo above. It’s not just me that spotted them as two snappily dressed young ladies made a b-line for them just after I came in. Lara is still a student (or just graduated?) and recently won the Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award back in May (see below). Keep an eye on this lady.

I’ll be showing off my uh DJ skills this Sunday at the Baileys Fashion Weekend. Which gives me an excuse to do a self indulgent music post. Of course music and fashion go together like matey and bath water but these are my thoughts on what we should be listening to on the catwalk instead of dodgy 90s house, euro-electro and french love songs. Ask your younger cousin to download you some of the following disco bombs for your next show:

Bobby Orlando – I’m So Hot For You

Japan – Life In Tokyo

Stevie Nicks – Stand Back

Midnight Star – No Parking On The Dance Floor

Cerrone – Supernature

R.A.F – Self Control

Gino Soccio – Remember

Heartbreak – We’re Back:

Hercules and Love Affair – Hercules Theme

Santogold – You’ll Find A Way

Neon Neon – I Told Her On Alderaan:

Malcolm Mclaren – Deep In Vogue (featuring Willie Ninja R.I.P):

Ru Paul – Supermodel (no really I mean it):

Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities (lets make lots of money) or What have I done to deserve this (everyone loves a song with a message)

This is all getting horribly High Fidelity isn’t it…