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Ah YouTube saviour of lazy bloggers everywhere – we salute you. This is a selection of clips from Cape Town Fashion Week. Most of these chaps i’ve mentioned already.


Ah yes David again. You may recall I commented that his frocks were possessed by evil spirits hungry for your soul… or something along those lines. David Tlale was one of the few designers to get away with showing at more that one fashion week but this was apparently a different collection from Joburg Fashion Week. This isn’t exactly what you’d choose for your Matric dance or dinner at the ambassadors reception but it is fiercely dramatic in the way we’ve come to expect. Although hairy busts… that’s a bold move. International model Jourdan Dunn made her appearance as the finale to the week during his collection.

By the way all these pics from Cape Town Fashion Week are shot by Simon Deiner

Stiaan Louw presented one of the most talked about collections of Cape Town Fashion Week on Thursday night. Not a hint of Capetonian resort wear in this starkly monochrome post-apocalyptic collection. Alot of thought had obviously gone into making the collection work as a single entity with the looks evolving subtly. Tribalism was the key theme running through the collection with the models (selected from Cape Town’s creative community) looking like a sharper dressed version of some Mad Max gang. Although personally i’m a bit worried about all the ubiquitous skinny legged trousers (being tall and thin really would really help) they were spot on with Cape Town’s cooler club kids that had invaded the CTICC for the show. Whether intentionally or not I think the collection is tapping into a reaction to the new rave riot of colour that pervaded global youth culture last year: with dayglo optimism being morphed into something more brooding and dark. Although a million miles away in terms of audience and looks there was in a way a parallel with the darker atmosphere of some of the Joburg designers (Suzaan Heyns , Black Coffee and weirdly even David Tlale). Stiaan offers a real alternative voice to alot of the same old Cape Town styles and this collection was an interesting progression for his new menswear focus. It should be mentioned that he had a number of collaborators on this collection notably Chloe Townsend, the designer from Missibaba, who provide accessories for more visit his blog at

More from David Tlale. So fierce you’ll need a crucifix and a stake just to get it out of your closet (ok enough I know).

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The Mzansi Designers collective work with recent graduates to hone their collections and business skills – which is a noble cause. Their designers often go down the afro-chic route (which i’m not a huge fan of unless you can do something different with it like Stoned Cherrie or Sun Goddess) so not so interested in it. However quite like this just for the bold use of blocky primary colours. Not sure who the actual designer is though.

Machere’s collection is a good example of what the Joburg party girls are wearing: glam, full-on, shiny and just a little bit trashy (kind of Julien Macdonald, thinking about it he should sell down here). The quality street wrapper look is also always a winner…

The Joburg crowd also adore David Tlale, his collection is pretty fierce, meaning his frocks look like they’ll eat your soul. You’ll have to have quite a personality to compete with this outfit but think the afro-goth thing is interesting. I kind of like how full-on Joburg fashion can be – perfectly encapsulates the city’s attitude.

David’s odd piece of menswear is OTT and utterly fabulous (if you’re snoop doggy dog).

Video from Joburg Fashion Week back in March.