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Always one of the highlights of SA Fashion Week (i’m told i’ve still not actually been to the event – shocking). Clive managed to hit both the local and international tartan trend. As an aside the Joburg fashion kids are obsessed with tartan (remember the Ama Kip Kip guys in kilts?). Vivienne Westwood and the founders of several scottish clans would be delighted (probably). There are alot if ideas in this collection: the tartan, lots of layering, carefully draped billowing fabrics mixed with architecturally precise jackets and the kind of space age hobo chic I’ve seen in previous collections. You’ll also notice the rather curious cartoon eyebrows…


India produces some great designers and I think the South African fashion industry could learn alot from how they’ve marketed their fusion of traditional influences and avant garde creativity. Slightly off topic once more but the work of Manish Arora is amazing – kind of the Clive Rundle of India.

Like other fashion week organisers they haven’t quite got round to updating their website yet (c’mon people) but the line-up for SA fashion week has been announced. Interesting to see that some designers are taking a fluid approach to which fashion week they show at (KlukCGdT and Stoned Cherrie have hopped over to SA Fashion Week this season). This is cool though the designers should make the most of the choice between the various events.

As can be expected, the designer line-up is a cutting-edge blend of the country’s favourite design talents including Abigail Betz, Story, Mantsho, Stoned Cherrie, Clive Rundle, House of OlĂ© and Terrence Bray shot through with exciting new names and brands such as NN Vintage by Nhlanhla Nciza, Athi Patra Ruga and Diamond Face Couture, the recently formed collaboration between designer Gert-Johan Coetzee and high-profile businesswoman, Uyanda Mbuli.

Programme highlights include the collaboration between the AuDITIONS international gold collection and celebrated floral couturiers, Franz Grabe and Coenie Hatting that will fuse art, jewellery, flower and fashion design in a show featuring sixteen haute couture gold pieces from AngloGold Ashanti’s AuDITIONS collections accessorised with sixteen organic flower dresses, as well as the Five Roses show where Hermanna Rush, Mantsho and Miss Scarlett will each incorporate one-off designer dress that captures the brand’s essence, in their collection.

Other sponsors that will be associated with designer collections are Magnum who will be collaborating with KLUK CGDT and Japanese cult car brand, Subaru who has come on board with Lunar.

Also seems like the trend for fashion week stores is on the rise in SA:

Added to the mix is SSAFW’s biggest-ever designer retail space where the public will be able to get first dibs on their favourite designer’s best pieces straight off the runway. Discerning shoppers wanting to stretch their summer wardrobe budget with a few key purchases will be spoilt for choice with over 120 stalls selling the season’s most delectable garments, accessories, jewellery and shoes.

Photo at the top is from Clive Rundle.

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