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The Observer (uk) picks up again on the fast vs slow fashion debate. In a nutshell: slow fashion is a reaction against the cheap, disposable fast fashion favoured by (what i’m calling) the twitter generation and perfected by the likes of Primark, Zara and H&M. The idea behind Slow Fashion is that it’s more about quality, local production and is trans-seasonal. However as the article points out the slow fashion movement may just be a fad driven by the current economic climate. Personally I think the fast fashion movement can’t be stopped – consumers (particularly younger ones) are used to fast moving trends. They want to get a cheap copy of what Lily Allen or Kate Moss was wearing in Heat within days of it appearing. As for trans-seasonal fashion, well as globalisation increases in the fashion industry basing fashion on 6 month northern european seasonal cycles is redundant.

“Slow Fashion is a must-have… and not just for this season” The Observer

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And my parents thought my generation (the rapidly greying MTV generation that is) had hopeless A.D.D. We supposedly have an attention span of about 3.5 minutes (that being the average length of time of a video on MTV). I’m rapidly becoming aware of the Twitter generation who have an attention span of 3.5 seconds (if that) before requiring further stimulation and are multitasking constantly (who do you think came up with the tabs on new internet browsers?) You can see the results particularly in the fashion world where the old spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons are dying off rapidly. Think the Twitter kids are going to wait around a whole six months for the next bunch of trends? With catwalk trends just a google away and fast fashion companies poised at the ready to take them onto the high street, the kids hardly need to wait for the next season to come round after fashion week. I would also point to the celeb collections rolled out by the likes of H&M, Topshop and New Look in the UK which are ridiculously popular and then over in nanoseconds.

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