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Nick Berry (80s pop star) once sang that “every loser wins” how right he was at this year’s inaugural retail awards. I was disapointed to hear that Edgars has won the best male and female clothing store awards as voted by 1000 Gautengers. Guys, guys, guys you need to get out more. There is a whole world of retail delights out there and you choose Edgars!!! My experience of Edgars is of lack lustre staff too busy chatting to help people out, almost non-existent design and boring brands. The name is also so dreadful I think of some little Victorian dude with a dicky-bow. Maybe it’s just Cape Town Edgars that suck then? These guys also voted Menlyn the best shopping centre. Now Menlyn i’ve been to. But I don’t get it. Nothing wrong with the place but it’s the most average of malls in Pretoria. All I can say is i’m very very disapointed in you all and want you to really think about what you’ve done. Final thought on this: Germany actually voted Hitler into power (so that tells you something about the wisdom of the masses).