Ifashion has a post by Milisuthando Bongela from Flux Trends on the rise of video presentations via the internet of collections. Its an interesting thought that fashion designers have also figured out that they can sell directly to consumers via the web and save costs substantially. However I don’t think we should be writing the obituary for the fashion week just yet. If anything fashion weeks are expanding – certainly we can see this locally but also there is pressure on the major fashion weeks to also expand particularly in the US. I think what we’re more likely to see is online presentations happening alongside Fashion Weeks rather than replacing them completely. There is a huge difference after all between seeing something in real life and in a small screen on your desktop.

Listening to a couple of the interviews with buyers on the Vogue podcast it was interesting to hear how many of them mentioned they go and check out video and photos online after the shows (one mentioned she’d stopped taking notes completely as she can just hop onto vogue.com). Really though the fashion set may whinge about treking to all the fashion weeks every six months, but try and get them to cancel their international jaunts round New York, Paris, London and Milan and I suspect you’ll have a riot.

I certainly agree that all the online coverage of fashion weeks and new collections is democratising fashion – which previously kept fashion weeks locked behind closed and carefully guarded doors. Maybe the real threat to fashion weeks is rather that consumers will like the collections they view online so much they won’t want to wait for the season to come around and will nip down to a savvy retailer like Zara to get hold of the looks sooner. I think its also worth mentioning that as online becomes a more important platform for the industry there is also a similar migration happening in the media – as a legion of bloggers (some journalists some not) ofter instant analysis. As much as some designers might like to  there is no bypassing the media in the internet age if anything there is more comment.

The video at the top is from Viktor & Rolf which is interesting but not universally adored see the New York Magazine’s review… Viktor & Rolf’s Online-Only Spring 2009 Show Premieres