I don’t know you wait around for a pop-up store for ages and then three come along at once. In a slightly different spin on the whole thing Virgin Mobile have customised a shipping container and turned it into a temporary store (like a spaza store for hipsters). They’re keeping the whole thing pretty under the radar, which I assume is deliberate, so its become almost a bit like an urban legend. I mentioned it to a couple of people in Joburg and most of them had heard of it so it has generated word of mouth buzz amongst the fashion set at least.

(pic blatantly stolen from here)

I got an email from Love Jozi this morning who are selling a limited edition t-shirt at it. Worth going for that reason alone then (you can see where it is below).

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A word of warning I think this trend has a limited shelflife unless you’re going to do something different with it … Maybe something along the lines of Banksys Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill pop-up in New York for example (check the nuggets).