So i’m back from Joburg and the Baileys Trunk Show. An interesting experience that involved setting up and running from scratch a pop-up store in a gallery space tucked away in Craighall. Baileys is a client of Atmosphere (where I work) and the idea behind it was to create a brand building event but one that offered a genuinely interesting and different experience (rather than just handing out free drinks at some bar for example). I still think the pop-up store is pretty new to South Africa, and maybe its a bit difficult to get for some (this being a mall obsessed culture). But the designers took around R30,000 (from about 150 visitors) in total over the day so I think this shows its useful for designers (assuming they have a brand paying for the set-up and publicity that is). Here are some of the pics from the event:

This is Irvan from Carbon De Afreeque talking to the crew from African Couture. Certainly their bags were one of the most popular items at the event. The concept behind their company is that they make bags and other objects (lamps and furniture for example).

The blues bloggers (that’s me in the “shop local” t-shirt) and angie from ifashion (who actually is an editor not a blogger but it sounds good).

All of the designers had spaces made from vintage wardrobes and trunks. The whole thing was beautifully styled by Chrisna de Bruyn and her team to mix the contermporary design and gallery setting with vintage pieces inspired by the original era of trunk shows. If you want Chrisna’s details please email ( as she did an amazing job. The pic above is the space made for Maya Prass.

And this was the area used for Abigail Betz who has just moved from Parys to Joburg where she’s opening a boutique. I’m obssesed with the big gilt mirror next time i have R10,000 spare (2018 maybe) i’m so getting one.