Despite being a blog geek of note I’m still obsessed with magazines and usually get a copy of ID each month (Exclusive Books imports it). One of the things I noticed in the September issue is an advert for American Apparel which is admittedly bordering on soft porn (like most of their ads). The interesting thing was that the model “submitted the shots as self portraits”. The shoot has the vibe of something you might find on a photo blog or (sadly i can’t find a pic of it online to post). Thinking about it this is definitely a current trend and one I find quite appealing. All  the gloss, retouching, styling and clever lighting is replaced by something that feels fresh, real and personal. The appeal is precisely because the pictures aren’t perfect: the light is over exposed, you can actually see real skin that hasn’t been photoshopped to perfection. Reportage isn’t exactly new in fashion but the American Apparel ad captures an interesting amateurishness that I think comes directly from the current online trends for street/party photo blogs and sharing photos with social networks. It also has the added bonus of being rather cheaper than a standard shoot and given these recessionary times the trend makes alot of sense for those on a budget (sorry to all professional models and photographers reading this).

Flicking through the rest of the magazine the Marc Jacobs ad a few pages before it also has a straight from flickr vibe to it.

Some other examples:

love Jozi does some great shoots which (as i’ve posted before) feels like they’ve just asked all their mates down to a bar/the local flyover (which is probably what they do).

Topshop recently toured a Newton Machine around some of their stores in the UK. Based on a design by Helmut Newton this allows the model/s to photograph themselves by the use of a remote control. ghd will be doing something similar(ish) as part of something called the ghd style lounge in South Africa in the near future (more on this later).