Now this was bloody clever. Turns out the Can You Twist? project is actually a giant teaser for the launch of Twist at Woolworths. A really innovative and bold marketing idea – i’m amazed they signed it off frankly (no offence). Word on the street is Jon Cherry of Cherryflava was the mastermind behind this. For those of you that haven’t been following Can You Twist it was a series of online short stories emailed out daily with an element of Friday’s final installment played out in real life somewhere in South Africa (go check the site out). Nice work.

This is from the website:

The Intern’s fantasy secret project comes to life across South Africa on Wednesday 20 August in the final story’s ‘twist in the tale’. Shoppers at this pilot project store were delighted and surprised by the new label, which was freshly flown in from its creative birth place of New York City and the final reveal of the debut ‘Can You Twist’ online reality show.