Rather like Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves I was raised by Dazed & Confused and ID magazine (the first two later went on to found Rome and I uh can’t even get my pool to not look like a swamp… frickin young achievers…) Any how I really should have put Dazed Digital them in my links ages ago. They’ve just had a make over and I do advise you have a quick browse.

Why look there is even a story on the recent Joburg Fashion Week.

There is a few slight issues in the revamp though. In my biog (I write for them occasionally) I see i’m actually “an independent french born graphic designer based in London.” sadly non. I’m planning to do a review of Cape Town Fashion Week for them if all goes well this week.

While you’re at Dazed Digital also check out Gareth Pugh 2.0 and Fashion V Sport.