Terribly busy at the moment but here are some quick hits:

“Where the fashionistas go for a quick fix” in the New York Times which covers online fashion magazines/blogs in the US.

“American Eyeful” American Apparel’s approach to online advertising from Portfolio.com.

The clothing company, known for ads resembling 1980s porn and for the pervy antics of controversial founder Dov Charney, is seeing sales climb as it buys up more cheap ad space on sites such as MySpace and Facebook than any other U.S. apparel retailer.

Splendid news that Black Coffee is going to be on the line-up for Virgin Mobile Cape Town Fashion Week on Saturday night but cue dubious coffee puns (not the last i suspect):

“This is also exciting news for Virgin Mobile and adds to a long list of other impressive design talent showing,” added Maweni. “Virgin Mobile has a creamy history with Black Coffee as they designed the clothing range of our sassy advertising photography and we are always amazed by their level of creativity and attention to detail. Superlative stuff!”

The Saturday schedule for Virgin Mobile Cape Town Fashion Week is now as follows:

18h00 : Love Water Love
19h00 : Virgin Mobile presents Black Coffee
20h00 : Maya Prass
21h30 : Virgin Mobile Finale

Via tonight.co.za and Robyn

And speaking of SA fashion weeks nice to see Joburg Fashion Week galleries on Vogue.com again. Just go to their location finder and click on where you think Joburg should be.