I got my first letter about the blog. Sadly they’re a bit pissed with me. As i’m more than happy to dish out personal opinion i’m also happy to receive it so i’ve posted the letter below. Allow me to retort though:

1: i’m a blogger not a journalist I can write what I like without having to worry about being hauled in by the editor (that’s me and i’ve let me off on this one, in fact i’ve given myself the day off to enjoy some sunshine for a change)

2: I write from a personal view point – goes with the whole bloggy thing, no?

3: Writing this blog is not my day job so if a brand/designer/event doesn’t make it easy to find out information i’m not going to chase it

4: I admire Mzansi designers and the work they do and I personally like some of the work and don’t like others – not a fan of the whole afro-chic thing but if its progressive then great (as i said i liked the look that I posted)

5: You’re wrong.

Dear Writer

I refer to your article where you indicate your lack of knowledge as to whom the designers for the brand Mzansi Designers are. Ironically, you’ve mentioned that Mzansi Designers work is a collective effort with graduate designers and surely if you wanted to know who the names of the designers are, you would have picked-up the phone and called them to find out. isn’t it so ? In case you don’t know, the company is led by Lesego Malatsi & Maki Dikgole as chief designers, directors and owners of the company. This you should have picked up should you’ve done your research.

I’m very sad that you mention stoned cherrie & sun goddess in the same breath as Mzansi Designers. This is clear indication that you’re very clueless regarding afro-chic designs and that you don’t take pride in authentic South African regalia or are you one of those that don’t encourage designers to be innovative and foster in trying to put South Africa as a global competitor in the world of fashion.

I’ve followed media reports on fashion week and the highs & lows, what I’ve picked up was bias reporting and surely this could only be influenced by PR. I attended Mzansi Designers show and subsequently all the shows that followed after. What I find strange is that there hasn’t been reporting on the refreshing and vibrant collection Mzansi Designers showcased but instead we’ve been bombarded with what’s clearly European designs paraded in SA catwalk. This was clear, as both David Tlale and Sun Goddess presented a dress which was identical in design on both their separate collections. Are we really a nation of mediocrity as one article from iafrica.com reports.

I lament the fact that South Africa doesn’t have fashion journalist that would report objectively on SA fashion, designers authenticity and fashion events, that’s why we still are in the rut that we’re in and not having made a global impact because we encourage our so called designers to copy other peoples work.

I suggest that next time you want to write an article, PLEASE conduct a research. We value your input as it create a platform talking but you need to be competitive, not MEDIOCRE.