The Observer (uk) picks up again on the fast vs slow fashion debate. In a nutshell: slow fashion is a reaction against the cheap, disposable fast fashion favoured by (what i’m calling) the twitter generation and perfected by the likes of Primark, Zara and H&M. The idea behind Slow Fashion is that it’s more about quality, local production and is trans-seasonal. However as the article points out the slow fashion movement may just be a fad driven by the current economic climate. Personally I think the fast fashion movement can’t be stopped – consumers (particularly younger ones) are used to fast moving trends. They want to get a cheap copy of what Lily Allen or Kate Moss was wearing in Heat within days of it appearing. As for trans-seasonal fashion, well as globalisation increases in the fashion industry basing fashion on 6 month northern european seasonal cycles is redundant.

“Slow Fashion is a must-have… and not just for this season” The Observer

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