Now it’s quite common for those new to South Africa to get a bit confused about what to wear (been there…) but most people at least read the first couple of pages of some guide book before visiting (let alone opening a store here). One of the first things the guide books tell you is if you’re coming from the northern hemisphere you need to keep in mind that the seasons are in reverse. So to spell it out, your autumn is our spring. So Burberry, dear Burberry, what happened? This offending ad above was in the September issue of Elle: note the leaves on the ground the slight fashion shiver, the rather nifty coats. This is a symptom of something the fashion industry just can’t get their heads round: how to deal with the southern hemisphere. I mean we’re online, we read the blogs, we’re not going to be fobbed off with being a season behind (even those photos of Agness Deyn and friends were real pretty) and uh we’re going to laugh at you if you give us winter adverts like the above when we’re dusting of the flip flops and planning the first braai of spring.