I do like it when people send me stuff to cover rather than having to spend time hunting it down myself. Especially when it’s stuff I haven’t come across yet, like these cheeky rascals from Fraternity of Cape TownCapestreets, or FOC (fnar fnar) as they prefer to be called .

The Fraternity of Capestreets cc is a brotherhood representing freedom of expression and exclusivity.

We aspire to create exclusive urban streetwear which is more than an item of clothing but a billboard that allows you to express your attitude.

The attitude is one of not conforming to society’s norms and stereotypes but rather challenging them, and breaking down boundaries to reach all cultures, cities and suburbs.

They also like uh pawn apparently:

Have you ever noticed that the pawn is the most underrated piece on the chess board? You would think that as the majority, the pawn should be running the game!

We feel that the pawn is a very powerful symbol. It represents the underdog, the regular man on the street. It teaches us patience and determination because the pawn can even overcome the king if he bides his time and plays the right moves.

The pawn comes from humble beginnings but is always aware of an opportunity to rise up and better himself. Each move is a lesson as the pawn moves steadily forward, never doubting, never looking back. We have all felt like the pawn at times when we are judged, overlooked and underrated.

But we are inspired by the knowledge that every pawn has its day.

You can go vist them at befoc.co.za and buy them from Shelflife.co.za. (ps: sorry i got the name wrong it’s Fraternity of Capestreets – it had been a long day…)