The Mzansi Designers collective work with recent graduates to hone their collections and business skills – which is a noble cause. Their designers often go down the afro-chic route (which i’m not a huge fan of unless you can do something different with it like Stoned Cherrie or Sun Goddess) so not so interested in it. However quite like this just for the bold use of blocky primary colours. Not sure who the actual designer is though.

Machere’s collection is a good example of what the Joburg party girls are wearing: glam, full-on, shiny and just a little bit trashy (kind of Julien Macdonald, thinking about it he should sell down here). The quality street wrapper look is also always a winner…

The Joburg crowd also adore David Tlale, his collection is pretty fierce, meaning his frocks look like they’ll eat your soul. You’ll have to have quite a personality to compete with this outfit but think the afro-goth thing is interesting. I kind of like how full-on Joburg fashion can be – perfectly encapsulates the city’s attitude.

David’s odd piece of menswear is OTT and utterly fabulous (if you’re snoop doggy dog).