Ok so i’m at the Loeries not Joburg Fashion Week but i’m staying in touch with the pics and the occasional bit of gossip filtering through from the north. One of the things you quickly realise at the Loeries is that you can tell exactly what job people do and where they do it from how they’re dressed. Example if you’re a creative you pretty much have to wear a straw trilby, high impact graphic t-shirt, jeans and a jacket (a thrift store tuxedo one preferably).

What was pretty shocking is the lack of fashion brands winning awards. Just confirms what I know already that local fashion retailers (with a few exceptions like Levis) are terribly dull with their marketing. Another exception is Nike who won two well deserved awards for their pop-up store (created by Trigger) – this was an excellent and inspirational campaign (although still think they could have got more publicity out of it). Bumped into Malcolm and Christian from KlukCGdT at the awards – they’re in an ad for Sanlam SA Fashion Week that’s up for an award apparently.