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I’m really not sure I should be encouraging this type of thing but you’re all adults and capable of making your own decisions about right and wrong. I’m talking about Karl Lagerfeld’s Guide To Life. I guess this keeps the kids of the streets. A brief sample:

I went to a party last night.

In this place called ‘New Jersey.’
When my driver told me where we were going, I was intrigued. Was it a new restaurant? Perhaps an old warehouse-turned-art venue? Maybe someone retrofitted that awful Rocco DiSpirito restaurant and made it not-so-demode?
It turns out that it is a whole state. A state.

I only stayed for 6-and-a-half minutes. I usually stay at functions for 15, but the crowd was unbearable. They were comprised mostly of this ‘hipster’ type. You know, the people who want to look like they never shower, do copious amounts of heroin and rummage through the bins at the Salv.. Slav.. Slavatinon Army? I don’t know how to say those words. I just gagged a little.