I’ve mentioned Stiaan Louw on the blog a couple of times now and i’m looking forward to his Summer collection – particularly after his shift into menswear. Stiaan has just launched his own blog stiaanlouw.blogspot.com which he’s using to tease us with snippets about his collection for Virgin Mobile Cape Town Fashion Week. His summer collection Facebook page also gives us this preview of the collection:


Stiaan Louw Menswear presents a collective ‘tribal’ experience for its Summer 2009 Collection.

Inspired by ‘tribes’ – how people choose to define themselves through their association with specific social, sexual and cultural subcultures – the collection will turn its attention to ‘the individual’. This will be coupled with their relation to inherent cultural heritage placed within the context of an interconnected global village (connected by social networks like facebook, myspace, youtube and online blogs).

Summer 2009 will see collaborations with strong individuals who have defined themselves through these means. Whether discovered online, in clubs or on the street, these personalities are a vital source of inspiration. Their presence can be felt in all aspect of the collection, from print design and construction in individual garments, to a ‘mixtape’ soundtrack, epitomizing the somewhat haphazard cultural referencing underlying the design process.

In many ways, the collection will be a study of the individual and their collective experiences, merging traditional ‘tribal’ references with bondage and fetishist sexual subculture – trends emerging from ‘tribes’in street and club culture and more sophisticated ‘ideals’. Overgrown shapes will play on reflective surfaces and a dayglo aesthetic coupled with contrasting matte and high-gloss finishes will juxtapose the body ideal.

(The photo is from his winter 08 collection)