A while back I had a bit of a moan at Converse in SA (a brand I love by the way)

I don’t mind the global ad campaign thats being plastered everywhere including the blog – but isn’t it kind of missing some localisation? I mean these things are pretty much township hipster unifrom and adored by millions of cool kids that any other brand would kill to have as fans and yet this somehow isn’t coming across. Maybe Converse HQ should stop mailing out images of white skatekids for a change and come and shoot in South Africa – the local Converse kids are infinitely cooler.

It’s nice to see the blog now has local images that are a bit more representative of SA converse fans and a whole bunch of SA celebs on it (including Dion Chang, Marc Lottering, HHP and Arno Carstens). I’m not kidding myself that they went off and shot the campaign just because I bitched about it here of course…Also interesting to see how successful the Converse blog is: on amatomu it’s usually ranked in the top 20 South African blogs (pretty phenomenal). Converse is a great example of how fashion brands can be built online in South Africa.