What happens when fashionista clubs close down? They start a blog rather, check out New York club kids Misshapes and Richard Mortimer of Boombox in London’s new Ponystep.com blog.

Check out a profile on the Mail & Guardian of Alistair Allen a Durban born photographer now living in the UK and documenting the club scene on DirtyDirtyDancing.com. I could almost make the claim to fame that he’s taken my photo before but although he did take a pic of me at Boombox last time I was back in London he never used it… The pic above is from his site.

Gwen Gill writes a splendid, but dubiously titled blog, called The G Spot i’m voting her for a blog award next year!

If you haven’t visited Style Bubble yet shame on you as she is queen of the fashion bloggers. I also hang out at Paper Mag’s blog quite a bit these days as in alternative reality I run a sneaker boutique in downtown New York.