Facebook is so handy, when i’m a bit stuck for a story  I just wander off into it and something will pop up. What popped up this morning was the Be Kind Collective. They are a loose amalgamation of creatives herded together by Romy Van Tonder and Waldo Binneman. Still quite new as they only formed in early 2008 (according to their profile) they’ve managed to knock out a collection under the Dead Adorable label. Taking rockabilly as a starting point the collection mixes up the more obvious (but still splendid) polka dot 50s frocks with streetwear favourites (polka dot hoodies/graphic tees etc). Imagine this is what Dita Von Teese would wear on her day off. I’ve always admired the rockabilly look from a distance myself – i’m just incapable of pulling off that James Dean slickness off sadly being genetically scruffy.

These are their words (i apologise on their behalf for the use of the “rad” word):

Be-Kind Collective is still in the process of collecting… so if you have some rad ideas or concepts feel free to get in touch, collaborating is something we stand by.
Collaborating is the new black.

Be-Kind Collective started earlier in 2008 because of the lack of good fashion as clichéd as it sounds its true, we are the alternative, also to give likeminded creative individuals to opportunity to collaborate.
We have joined forces of over 10 years experience in Fashion Design and national and international Retail.

Be-Kind Collective is backed by a Concrete force of manufacturing experience stretching over more than 2 decades, and of course the natural instinct to make everyone look pretty and just to be awesome.

Be-Kind Collective is Art.Fashion.Culture.
a Collective consciousness of brands inspired by simplicity, style, and comfort influenced by the everlasting eminence of Rock n Roll and the electric vibe of New Skool.

So far we concist of two labels:

1. Dead Adorable

This is our baby, designed to sell through commercial channels… we decided not to, we only stock independent retailers. This collection is to unique and completely to true to itself to be sold commercially, so are we.
Pure to the 1950’s as Rockabilly itself, reincarnating the love of summer and Rockabilly-swing with the odd touch of 20th century and rock n roll vibes, bridging the old skool with the new, with a contemporary touch for everyday wear.

2.Vent en Vlinder

Is ons Afrikaanse label, dit is net ons wat waar bly aan ons self as Afrikaanse kids. V&V is n sofistiese Rock n Roll label met n respek vir klasieke shapes en suiwer oorspronklike ontwerpe.

For stockists, or if you want to stock our stuff or if you are intrested in buying it just for yourself please contact us via email.