Durban Fashion Week (DFW) is becoming increasingly a showcase for young designers (although more established designers like Gavin Rajah are also showcasing work there). Having flicked through the press shots there are a handful of designers that are kind of interesting. Not to bitch about the others but somethings i’m just not interested in (evening gowns, cheap denim, uninspired afrochic being just some of them). Stephan Van Eeden was one of the first designers on the ramp of the summer fashion season as part of the MTN Young Designers Showcase and is one to watch. He’s from the Stellenbosch based Elizabeth Galloway Academy and I quite like his roll around on the design room floor and see what sticks approach. While some might criticise him for quite a wild blend of different styles (part of this is just whacky catwalk styling) I think this is kind of a strength. In fact it fits the short attention span/blur of information that is modern living (scary flashback to my drama school essays…).

Photos are by Simon Deiner who is also available for weddings and children’s parties.