Safari could be the next big thing if UK based hipster label To-orist get their way . The label takes new rave wackyness and mixes up with some african safari styles (the designer is from Kenya originally). Personally i’m totally convinced and plan to be the first person in Cape Town to own one.

The first To-orist collection encompasses an overarching theme of exploration, albeit in a simple, childlike way. Gathii’s tees and sweats boast imagery reminiscent of a fourth grade science text—King Tut, a rocket ship, an X-rayed hand skeleton and the label’s signature zebra—but remastered in a trompe l’oeil blitz of holographic, retina-scorching color. Considering Gathii’s background, this fusion of Shoreditch and safari isn’t surprising—born and raised in Kenya, the designer moved to the UK at the age of eight, where he learned his first lessons in the country’s offbeat fashion scene. “I went to middle class schools but couldn’t always keep up with my friends, so I started my own trends by customizing and creating new clothes for myself,” he says.

via JC Report