Interesting article on Robyn Cooke’s Cape Town Style Guide and fashion blogs in general in this weekend’s Mail & Guardian (particularly as we get a brief mention). It makes me think that maybe a whole bunch of bloggers is just what the SA fashion industry needs. The fashion industry is tight knit and rather insular so it’s not that often that a journalist will offer some criticism of designers or brands – bloggers are less inclined to toe the line and hopefully can provide a much needed critical voice where there isn’t one currently.

Out of curiosity I had a quick dig around to see what stats there are if any on fashion blogs internationally… not much. But I did find this interesting article in the International Herald Tribune which says roughly what i’ve just said:

FashionIQ estimates that worldwide there are about 800 fashion blogs of note that are not associated with magazines or corporations. Largely written by “prosumers,” or professional consumers, they discuss subjects like celebrity fashion, street style and “Oh-my-God-you-have-to-have-this” shopping tips.

And there is a hungry audience: Fashion followers know that to be current, they have to keep tabs on blogs.

“Bloggers can react much faster than traditional media,” explains Cholette. “A blogger can review a runway show within an hour, complete with video feeds.” In contrast, glossy magazines work as much as three months, or even longer, in advance.”