The inaugral Fashion Exchange +27 conference, spearheaded by Gavin Rajah and organised by PR agency Total Media, kicked off this week and Bizcommunity has been doing a handy little blog of the action. I didn’t go myself but reports back were good and there were plenty of bums on seats – always a chore in Cape Town. From reading the notes seems like there is plenty of common sense (i did find myself muttering “like, duh” a couple of times) in here and the conference has taken a long serious attempt to look at the business of fashion.

In fact it seems everyone in fashion has gone terribly serious of late. If certain types had their way we’d spend our time looking down our professional noses at unsmiling models with no make up on bright white catwalks and asking to examine the designers book keeping after fashion week shows.  Yes I know fashion is terribly terribly important and terribly serious. Not at all frivolous, fun or showy whatsoever.

Lighten up. Get yourself some face paint, cheap bling and lets do mud wrestling on the catwalk.

But I digress:

From Bizcommunity:

Tips on exporting

Thoughts on trends Not sure I agree with the statement that Fast Fashion is dying out. If anything its getting faster…

Sure they’ll put up some more notes on the Bizcommunity Blog over the next couple of days so worth checking out.