Not sure what’s going on here but I like it. Ellomennopee is a design/fashion/art/whatever label done by someone called Tempest Van Schaik (dubious that’s your real name young lady…). This is what she says about herself:

Ellomennopee (pronounced LMNOP) is my general freelance artsy-fartsy label, and encompasses everything from art exhibitions to flyer and poster design, stylist work, album covers, murals, jewellery, illustrations and magic potions. I have a particular fondness for character design, which is evident in most of my work. The name Ellomennopee is an ode to the nostalgia of childhood’s alphabet song, when it is sung before the knowledge of an alphabet exists.

My name is Tempest van Schaik, and I’m a student of Electrical Engineering at Wits University, where I previously completed my degree in Biomedical Engineering. So although I don’t know the secret hand-shake of design’s who’s-who, I do know how to build an electrocardiogram and keep the cerebellum in-tact when removing a human brain!

You can join her Facebook group here.