I’m up in Pretoria for the weekend. I’d like to believe that it’s not a cultural desert and that somewhere underground there exists a scene of wild eccentrics (like back in Eastern Germany where the coldwar kids would gather in basements and listen to rock and roll) sadly it’s not true. They’ve all moved to Joburg/Cape Town/Auckland. I did pick up a splendid Craig Native T-shirt from the Brooklyn Mall though. What sold it was the slogan Native 1984. It’s a little known fact but 1984 was the best year for music ever and we’re still in the shadow of its awesomeness. Anyway in the abscence of something crazy new to talk about I thought i’d pinch some photos from Craig Native’s Facebook group. Craig seemed to slip off the radar over the last two years compared to some other designers but since showing at last year’s Sanlam SA Fashion Week and producing a splendid retro sports collection he’s totally back. Apparently he’s designing a range of African inspired sportswear for Puma in the run up to 2010 (no doubt we’ll see other similar collaborations in the near future with other megabrands and locals – kerching!).