I like converse almost as much as i like DMs. Back in the day if you couldn’t afford Doc Martens then you went for these fellas. They’re cheap and just as easy to draw on. In fact they’re dirt cheap but somehow incredibly cool. I think I decided they were the shit after watching Sonic Youth wear them (back when they were actually young… uh a while ago). Anyway the point is they’re also running a design competition. I’m starting to suspect this all a cheap ploy by shoe brands to avoid paying their own designers but i’ll go along with it.

Weird but something about the Converse Trace Your Lace blog (where you’ll need to go to enter…) feels a bit off the mark. I don’t mind the global ad campaign thats being plastered everywhere including the blog – but isn’t it kind of missing some localisation? I mean these things are pretty much township hipster unifrom and adored by millions of cool kids that any other brand would kill to have as fans and yet this somehow isn’t coming across. Maybe Converse HQ should stop mailing out images of white skatekids for a change and come and shoot in South Africa – the local Converse kids are infinitely cooler.