The Gucci store launch in Cape Town last week is worth a quick bitch. A couple of moans came in from various sources. Apparently they managed a decent turnout of the usual fashion suspects (assorted local designers, PRs and d listers). But whinges largely centred on the pointlessness of the whole thing (no explanation about what Gucci was doing in Cape Town or even a quick “its lovely to be here thanks for coming”), food and drink (“I had to go off and hunt down a glass of champagne, really…” and “they served duck canapes after cakes!” ) mention was also made of a goody bag featuring a uh leather key ring. This is Gucci? Kings of international bling? And all they could cough up is a frickin key ring?! You’ll get a better goody bag at a Mr Price gig. Call me shallow but if brands like Gucci want to lay claim to being super premium they need to make an effort – yes even in Cape Town. My own invite arrived 4 days before the event… so they also get slap for lack of organisation. Well that’s got me off the invite list for the rest of the new V&A fashion wing openings no doubt.