Pink Ant like it cute and slighly arty. That’s always been my policy in girlfriends and it’s worked out just fine for me. They’re based in Cape Town and mix up cutesy, vaguely oriental illustrations with fresh, playful fashion. They say this about themselves:

The current Pink Ant range of clothing includes a wide variety of female designer clothing, some of which are silk screened and some which are not. Schnitzy (clawed little boy) and Midear (faceless girl with reindeer horns) are Pink Ant’s core creatures and appear on most Pink Ant products. What differentiates Pink Ant from other designers in the South African fashion, clothing and art industry is the combination of art and clothing. The creatures and illustrations that are found on Pink Ant’s garments fall into the category of “cute” and it is this “cute” aspect that further sets Pink Ant apart from the rest of the South African fashion pack. The Cult of Cute is a trend in art originating in Japan, whereby “cute” creatures are edgy and lean to be more cool than cute. Pink Ant uses clothing material as another platform (instead of art) to preview these “cute” creatures.